Pavigym: Is your flooring sanitary?

Are you taking measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19? Ours is, and we are – and we want to help you! Read on to find out how!
Now more than ever, you need to prioritise quality, security, and hygiene in your installations. And we’re here to help you do that.

Have you considered that now might be the perfect time to carry out the renovation you were planning for the summer? If so, it would be wise to choose high-quality flooring manufactured from hygienic materials in an environment that ensures a COVID-19 free product.1. We are committed to protecting the health of our employeesWe have implemented enhanced protocols for the cleaning and sanitisation of our facilities, which takes place 4 times per day.We have taken additional social distancing precautions in the factory. All machines are positioned more than 300 m2 from each other.We are manufacturing our own protective face shields made of Pavigym’s EVA rubber.We have provided masks and gloves to all our employees to ensure the utmost safety.Our office teams are working remotely.

2. COVID-Free flooring
Our manufacturing process is continuing as normal, with additional disinfection processes. Our floors are free from COVID-19All our products are disinfected one by one upon leaving the production line to ensure they are virus-free.Our packaging is the most secure against COVID-19Our products are packaged and dispatched in cardboard boxes.
Several studies analysing the resistance of COVID-19 on different surfaces confirm that, on cardboard, the virus dies within the first 24 hours (in comparison to the 72h resistance found on other surfaces such as plastic or metal).

Do you know how to disinfect your gym flooring? We have selected the best disinfectant cleaners for you, all suitable for Pavigym flooring solutions.

1. Disinfectant Cleaner (Dr. Schütz)
Dr. Schutz Disinfectant cleaner combats enveloped viruses and is therefore also effective against the Coronavirus. 

2. Bactericidal disinfectant and cleaner – SPRINT EMEREL ANTIBAC (Diversey)
Sprint Emerel Antibac is a disinfectant with a general residual action that cleans and disinfects all types of surfaces.

3. Detergent disinfectant and cleaner – SUMA BAC D10 (Diversey)
Suma Bac D10 from Diversey is a detergent disinfectant that cleans and disinfects all types of services in just one step. It’s perfect for eliminating viruses, bacteria, and a wide variety of microorganisms.